The T-ATV 1200 is made to get you first and safe to the destination.

Vmax 185 km/h, zero - 100km/h (60mph) < 3.0 seconds

The T-ATV 1200 is the world's fastest and safest tracked all terrain vehicle (T-ATV), combined with superior offroad capabilities. Powered by a very powerfull, watercooled and fuel efificient ROTAX 1200cc 4-stroke engine.


T-ATV 1200 engine powerful


Best-in-class torque, at lower rpm, for exhilarating acceleration

 most powerfull atv

Widest power band, and more power at lower rpm – for fun performance, better fuel

economy and lower sound where most riding is done

Source: Valcourt

 most powerfull atv



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