Introducing EISELIN LANDSYSTEMS' concept of operation for the SAND-X DOV (Dual Operating Vehicle), The FRONTLINER, designed to excel in the most demanding military scenarios. As a cornerstone of versatility and reliability, the SAND-X DOV seamlessly transitions between manned and unmanned modes, ensuring swift and efficient response in extreme terrain.
In our approach, the SAND-X DOV is deployed manned to the frontline, where its robust design and advanced capabilities allow it to navigate through challenging terrain with ease. Once at the frontline, the vehicle serves as a vital link, providing immediate medical support and facilitating the evacuation of critically injured personnel.

For critical CASEVAC missions in the last mile, where traditional vehicles may struggle, the SAND-X DUEL OPERATING VEHICLE transitions to unmanned mode. This allows it to navigate through the most treacherous terrain autonomously, reaching remote locations where immediate medical assistance is needed.
The SAND-X's integrated medical stretcher system ensures that injured soldiers receive prompt and secure transport, minimizing the risk of further injury. Additionally, its all-terrain capabilities enable it to traverse rugged landscapes, from deserts to mountains, with unparalleled ease.
Thanks to its agility and speed, the SAND-X DOV is a difficult target for enemy UAVs, providing additional protection for critical missions. With every mission, the SAND-X is dedicated to saving lives, ensuring that no soldier is left behind in the face of adversity. Whether manned or unmanned, it remains a beacon of hope in the most challenging environments, embodying our commitment to excellence and unwavering support for our troops.